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Tips for your next Interview!

Identify the Information You Want

Deciding which position, company or industry you want to learn about will depend on what you want to do with your life and career. You should have a sense of what is important to you and what you want.

Make a List of People You Know

Choose those who can help you connect to other people within a company or an industry. Since this is part of networking, you will want to include anyone and everyone you know, from your barber to your sister-in-law. 

Make the Appointment

Set up a 15- to 30-minute interview with the person identified, regarding his specialty. Most people will be more than happy to help you. Don’t get discouraged if you find some people are just too busy to give you an appointment.

Plan an Agenda for the Session

This is your meeting. Don’t assume the person will give you the information you need unless you ask the right questions. Select questions that will give you the most information. Be efficient, and do not overstay your welcome.

Conduct Yourself as a Professional

Dress and act the role of the position you are seeking. Know as much as possible about the company before the interview so you can ask informed questions.

Show Interest

A little flattery goes a long way. Say something like, “Mary gave me your name and told me you’re considered to be an expert in your field. How did you get started?”

Be Prepared to Answer Questions About What You’re Looking For

Have a short personal statement prepared that you can present if you’re asked about your job search. Bring a resume, but don’t offer it unless requested. Remember, the purpose of this interview is to obtain information.

Get Names

Ask for other contacts in the field. If no names are suggested, be grateful for information or suggestions obtained. 

Send Thank-You and Follow-Up Letters

Thank the person at the conclusion of the interview, but also send a letter stating your gratitude for the time given. Stay in touch with your contacts by writing notes or emails, informing the person how helpful his suggestions have been to you.

Take Advantage of Any Referrals You Receive

In this process, you will have to take risks and stretch beyond your comfort zone. Each step will take you closer to that job offer.

This will help you with being ready for an interview and how to be prepared. I used some of these methods and it got me a job. Also by knowing people already in the company it kind of gave me more chances because they can put in a good work for me, but not all places will already have someone who you may already know. So just be prepared and do it if you really want it. GOOD LUCK!!

Application letters (COVER LETTERS) Tips

Be as clear as possible about the kind of opportunity you seek.

She that you understand the company and the position your applying for.

NEVER volunteer salary history unless ASKED from the employer.

Always double check your letter before submitting or sending it in. use spell checker to check spelling, grammar, and other errors there might be.

Keep it short.


Types of Resumes

A Functional Resume used by people with little employment history or with gaps in their work history, but some employers suspect that people who use this approach are trying to hide weaknesses in their backgrounds.

A Chronological Resume is used for people whose work experiences section dominates and is places in the most prominent slot, right after your name and contact information. It’s the most common resume used for a job interview or offer, but it might not be the right one for you at a particular stage in your career.

A Combination Resume is used for people who don’t have much work history. Used to highlight your skills while providing a chronological history of your employment.

I choose this because it’s important to know what kind of resumes are there and which resume is best for the position you’re applying for.

Crafting Messages for electronic Media

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With the advancements in business communications, there are a wide number of options for crafting messages for the electronic media. In the world, where communication encompasses a variety of meanings under different contexts, messages have also undergone a through a huge change in format and structure also.  Whether for the professional or for the personal use, electronic media has almost taken the whole world within its own grasp.

How Crafting Message For Electronic Media Changed

 With the speeding internet, emails have become the most viable forms through which one can communicate all the essential messages for both private and also the personal use. Crafting messages for electronic mediumhas its own few principles, ways and also dictums. However with the gradual advancements in the field, e mail is now being replaced with other different forms like the instant messaging, blogging and also the other different kinds of tools that are mainly used for a number of facilities that help in communication instantly and also in the collaboration with the real time effect.

 With simple operation and speedy access to messaging, instant messaging is one of the greater choices among the people for crafting message for electronic media. It also helps t solve all the problems for the unwanted messages also.  Again phone based text messages are gradually making their way through the market to facilitate business communication and also its other different kinds of fields.  One of the most important applications is the system of marketing management.

 Moreover, with the sudden flooding of the social networking websites, blogging has become of the most effective mediums through which communication can be enhanced with the large group of person or for the professional business networking groups.  For blogging you need to write very interesting messages which will attract the attention of the persons and also help I enhancing their communication skills.  It is a natural and also a fast way through which you can establish connection with a wide base of people around.  In fact, the bloggers can publish the information to a large number of audiences through a very little amount of information.

 The wide reaching ability has in a way changed the way of the crafting message for the electronic media.  Customers are no longer satisfied with the one way process of interacting with the listeners. They want to have a response for their messages that they have posted on the different bloomers’ websites.  In fact, the both way process of interaction helps in facilitating the business communication among the wide number of users. Active participants are required in both the fields which help in facilitating real conversation through the micro blog tools like the Twitter, Face book and also other popular networking mediums. Social media are the other different forms of technologies which help in bringing about a necessary revolution in the field of internal communication. Crafting Message for Electronic Mediaalso helps in breaking all the earlier barriers and helps in the easy and smooth flow of the necessary information and also the ideas also.

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I found this article and thought it would be useful to know that crafting messages for electronic media has changed. Also i think it would be useful to use as a source while writing messages through electronic media like e-mail, IM, and many more.

Proofreading & Editing Tips


The attached Proofreading & Editing Tips suggest Reading the document upside down to focus on typology. I tried reading my memo upside down, not so easy to do.


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Proofreading & Editing Tips

A compilation of advice from experienced proofreaders and editors

Three-Step Writing Process

The three step writing process is a great way to be organized and help you create a more effective message. These steps will assist you in planning your business messages:

1.Plan out your business message by brain storming, gather information, and organize your information.Analyze the situation by defining your purpose and developing a profile of your audience.

2.Write out the message by using strong words and build a strong relationship with you and your audience. Adapt to your audience with sensitivity, relationship skills, and an appropriate writing style.

3.Completeing your business messages by revising your letter or proof reading before making it your official. Also you can have a friend or professor proof read your writing so you can have more than one feedback that could help you enhance your writing.  

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